Become FearLess

Become a Builder

It is difficult to know where to start, especially without the resources or insight to do so. FearLess Dallas serves as a means of bridging that gap by providing the support structure and tools necessary to identify areas of growth while simultaneously establishing the skills needed to evolve with the process. The organization’s community mitigates the difficulty of seeking assistance by enlisting the guidance of women who have also had to build their lives not knowing where to begin.

Becoming a Builder in the FearLess Dallas community is the first step to becoming FearLess overall. You can participate in our one-on-one workshops to help identify areas of growth, as well as support other Builders in your community through attending our events.

It is never too late to become FearLess, and our mission applies across all adult ages. To become a Builder, please contact us by calling us at (214) 300 – 5143 or online here.

Become a Collaborator

Collaborators were once Builders, now offering their guidance and assistance to the new generation of Builders, while simultaneously learning and evolving with them. Collaborators play a vital role in the FearLess Dallas process, as they offer an experienced perspective to assist in establishing a healthy living environment, acquiring a sustainable career, and teaching self-care practices.

Our Collaborators participate in and host workshops tailored to their specific strengths and experiences in order to assist Builders with self-improvement. Collaborators also participate in events to help encourage the support and free expression of creativity in our community.

What makes the Collaborator role so critical and unique, is the level of full-circle mentorship, in which Collaborators learn from Builders as well.

“If you’re over 45 and don’t have an under 30-year-old mentor – not mentee, but mentor – then you’re going to miss fundamental shifts in thinking that are happening” – Jan Owen, CEO for the Foundation of Young Australians

If you are interested in coming a Collaborator and are in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, please contact us either online or by calling (214) 300 – 5143.