Challenges For Women In The Workplace

It goes without saying that equality in and of itself has been a goal for a variety of marginalized groups for centuries. Even with forward strides such as the abolishment of slavery, the women’s suffrage movement, and obtaining LGBTQIA+ rights, there is still an ever-growing list of work that needs to be done. When looking at women in the workplace, it goes without saying that gender equity has taken steps backward, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. In today’s blog, the Dallas, TX community at FearLess Dallas discusses some of the challenges women are facing in the workplace, as well as how our community can help.

A Widening Pay Gap

Equitable pay among men and women+ in the workplace has been a hot-button issue for years. You have likely heard of the astonishing difference of pay between women and men occupying the same job positions, and prior to the pandemic, the National Women’s Law Center found that this gender pay gap cost women roughly $846 a month, or $10,157 a year. The figures were even higher for women+ of color.

According to OXFAM International, women+ lost more than 64 million jobs in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic, representing five percent of all jobs held by women. While a variety of businesses have been able to open their doors once more, the effects of this massive job loss are still felt.

Though people are gradually moving back into the workforce, studies have found that many women+ and gender minorities are facing a pay penalty as a result of their absence. While stakeholders and large business owners are quick to defend their choices, it is important that we as a community step up and hold each other accountable by advocating for an equitable opportunity for all and closing the gap.

Insufficient Childcare and a Lack of Support

In addition to pay penalties and a gender pay gap, women also face the challenges of obtaining adequate childcare and caregiving support. While we are certainly leaps and bounds from the “women are the stay-at-home caregivers” mindset, many business policies and a lack of support from employers say otherwise. In fact, studies have shown that 41 percent of mothers indicated a belief that they had to hide their caregiving struggles from their employers. This issue was further exacerbated by the pandemic.

How We Become FearLess

The difficult reality we face as women+ in the U.S. is that without each other’s support, it can be extremely difficult to make any progress toward a more equitable workforce. Fortunately, this is where our community shines. We work closely together to meet each other where we are and lift each other up in a way that helps us become FearLess, and we are ready to help you.

What You Can Do

Nothing is more troubling than not knowing where to start, and it is for this reason that we encourage you to reach out to our community and learn to become FearLess. Contact FearLess Dallas in Dallas, TX by calling 214-300–5143 to learn more about our services and how we can help.