Check Out Our Third-Quarter Recap

We are well into the month of October, and it is almost as if 2022 has happened in the blink of an eye! Indeed, the team at FearLess Dallas has been up to quite a lot in these last ten months, and even if you were not able to make it to some of our events, we hope that some have been able to provide important resources, information, and community for you. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX community would like to reflect on some of the great events that took place this third quarter, as well as spread the word about a few more great things you do not want to miss.

Daily Journaling Workshop (X2)

You may be familiar with the practice of journaling. Not only is it an excellent way to become connected with yourself and let the pen pour the thoughts in your head onto the page, but it has proven to be a wonderful tool for processing your own emotions.

The first event of the third quarter was a daily journaling workshop with comedian, podcaster, and real-life lawyer Heather McKinney. In the workshop, we discussed and explore why we write, how we find the time to do so, where to find inspiration, how to put pen to paper, and what to do with our writing once it’s gone from our head to the page.
Because of its roaring success, we decided to host another event virtually! While journaling may not be for everyone, we encourage you to explore the therapeutic and cathartic benefits of daily journaling. To learn more about this workshop or similar ones, give our community a call today.

FearLess Summit

Near the beginning of the year, you may have heard talk about “the big event,” and boy did it blow our expectations out of the water! In September, we hosted our very first FearLess Summit for women and gender minorities in the Dallas and surrounding areas.

FearLess Summit, in partnership with the Dallas Public Library, is a free conference focused on workforce and wellness training for women and gender minorities who are looking to grow personally. From career support and training, to guided meditations, to financial and physical wellness, we brought together female facilitators that are experts in their respective fields with women+ who were eager to learn more.

This event provided a space for women from all different backgrounds and experiences to come together and work alongside one another to find tangible tools for improving their lives. The event was free of charge, and featured a keynote speaker, breakout sessions, and an opportunity to mingle and meet other women+ in your community. We are planning to continue hosting the annual FearLess Summit, and we hope you can make it to next year’s!

FearLess Stories and Literary Storytelling Workshop

For the month of September, the community at FearLess Dallas brought a new element to our monthly FearLess Stories event by hosting a literary storytelling workshop prior to the event! Whether a person is working on a story they wanted to share or interested in the storytelling process, the event offered a fun, supportive, and creative meet-up.

Events Coming Up You Do Not Want to Miss

Our final quarter of 2022 will be filled with amazing workshops, community events, and social gatherings for our Dallas community, and we hope you can check them out! The upcoming events will include workshops such as High Stakes Conversations, community partner events at Bella Bra Shop and the Center for Brain Health, and of course, FearLess Stories!

Become FearLess Today

To learn more about the events taking place for the remainder of the year, contact FearLess Dallas in Dallas, TX by calling 214-300-5143 and speak with our team to learn about becoming Fearless.