Feel More Comfortable Setting Physical Boundaries

For many women+, the idea of becoming physically confronted is a daily fear. Sadly, violence is becoming even more commonplace in America, and those in power seem to be unable to come up with solutions to protect the vulnerable. Unfortunately, this means that you need to be prepared to defend yourself in a variety of situations. Some of the violence toward women+ in our communities has existed as long as we can remember, but there are also new concerns that you should keep in mind throughout the day. 

One of the most helpful steps that you can take is to be prepared for different situations. None of us a ninja or an action movie star, but there are key tips and techniques that you can learn to help you to know how to protect yourself when you feel threatened. FearLess Dallas is here to help you know and grow, and self-defense can be a helpful part in your progress.

For more tools, be sure to sign up for Self-Defense: A Class For Women+ at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Public Library this Saturday, May 13th. This course has been specifically designed and will be hosted by Constance An, and will give you some tools you need to stay safe in a troubled world. While you're here, take the time to network with other like-minded women+!

Within A Changing Landscape, The Responsibility For Protection Is Falling On Women+

These days, it seems like women+ are more at risk of danger than ever before. From the actions of our community leaders to the rise of online misogyny, it can feel like there is a target on your back at all times. This feeling can be detrimental to your mental and overall health, contributing to general stress and anxiety that can make your everyday tasks difficult.

Even when you are not being actively attacked, the threat of violence can hold you back in your daaily life. By taking some time to learn tips and techniques in self-defense, you can help to alleviate some of this anxiety. 

You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

One common misconception that women+ have about themselves is that they can feel as though they are powerless. If you struggle with this feeling, learning some helpful rules of self-defense can help you to actualize your own power. There are multiple ways that you can overcome a potential size difference. You might discover that your biggest limitation is your internal feelings of traditional gender roles!

As a smart and resourceful individual, learning about these tools can help you to understand your own capability. 

Learning How And Where To Hit

When you are forced to rely upon physical means of self-defense, your training and practice can help you to know what to do. These should always be used as a last resort, but keeping them in your mind can allow you to more confidently set your boundaries.

One of the first things to remember is that any would-be attacker is vulnerable in certain areas. A groin kick can send all of us reeling, and this is one of the most essential moves to learn. While it may sound simple, this method is a tried and true technique to stop anyone in their tracks.

Training can also help you to understand how your own body will react to making physical blows. For many women+, even the action of making a fist can feel foreign, so spend a little time knowing how you feel. Learn about some effective methods from Constance at our event on Saturday!

Gain New Tools To Protect Yourself From Harm With Constance An At Our Helpful Class On Self-Defense

In these times, you need to be aware of your risks as well as your capability. Spend some time with us on Saturday, May 13th at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Public Library for a class specifically designed for women+. This hands-on workshop intends to give you the tools you need to escape potential attackers with an effective approach to self-defense. 

Leader Constance An will walk you through different scenarios and also answer any burning questions you have about keeping yourself safe from physical harm. We look forward to seeing you and while you are here, meet some amazing other local women+! 

The world is changing, and you need the right tools to help you succeed. FearLess Dallas is here for the Metroplex community, providing counseling, mentorship, as well as local community events, so follow this page for more!