Q&A With Maggie Reith Austin

Meet Maggie! Maggie Reith Austin is not only our FearLess Dallas Communications Director but our very first member of the team! She has a passion for connecting with others and is always ready to provide her unending support and help out however she can. When it comes to getting to know others and becoming involved in something she is passionate about, FearLess’s focus on providing resources for women+ in our community and fostering relationships resonated strongly with her. Check out what Maggie had to say about FearLess Dallas’ programming and Dallas, TX community.

Q: What do you consider when putting together programming for FearLess Dallas?

We try to offer a variety of different options! Every month we host an in-person workshop that's more "skill-building" and a fun, social event that doubles as a fundraiser for our organization. When we're thinking about workshops, whether it's online or in-person, we try to put up topics that are timely and can help address issues that typically affect women. For example, we held a financial planning workshop in March. Women tend to put themselves last when it comes to finances and feel shame about where they are with savings or retirement. So, the workshop was designed to help women+ ask questions and get real, easy next steps to better prepare for their financial future. And, for social events, we want people to come, laugh, and connect.

Q: What are some benefits of your programming?

I think it's easy to see a connection between something like a financial planning workshop and how that would be important knowledge to learn. But, I think there's just as much value in our social programming. We just held a meet-up in Plano where we bought some appetizers and drinks and sat around a table with women who hadn't met before. To be able to meet other women from different professional fields and life experiences, to connect in a casual way - that's not only meaningful networking, but it's also an endorphin kick! Especially coming out of COVID, people crave human interaction. And, we love providing a safe space to meet new and fascinating people.

Q: What do you have coming up this spring?

I'm glad you asked! Next week, May 4, we have our Ladies Night Comedy Variety Show fundraiser. It features all women+ performers, which is, frankly, rarer than it should be. It's so important to be able to laugh and let loose, and we are excited to host this event. While the performers are all women and gender minorities, the event is open to the public for all to attend and support! We also have a Mental Health Spring Workshop on May 21. I'm really excited about this one. It's part social, part activity, part workshop. We will have some pots for painting and planting seeds while chatting, guided meditation for relaxation, and also some practical tools you can take with you to keep your "mental garden" blossoming.

Q: Where can one find more information about this or other events?

We have new events rolling out all the time! You can snag a ticket to Ladies Night or reserve a spot in our workshops at our website fearlessdallas.com.

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