Raising Your Voice During Election Season

Our most recent blog took a look at some of the amazing events we were able to host during the third quarter of 2022. Indeed, we hit the ground running in January and have not let up since, as we believe there is always work to be done. In fact, providing our community with the information and resources necessary to take charge of their own lives is an integral component of our program. Just as it is important to have access to the right resources, it is also imperative we have knowledge about what is going on in our current political climate and what we can do to change the course. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX community provides important information about election time and encourages you to learn more and cast your vote.

Early Voting Has Begun

For some, politics is a topic that would rather not be discussed. If you are like some of us, the news and politics might not have been a common household topic growing up. As we gain knowledge and learn more about the world around us, however, it becomes clear that politics is in everything and that it is largely unavoidable. Though we may disagree with many politicians and their stances on certain topics, it is in your best interest to become knowledgeable about them and how they influence the lives of not only yourself but your community around you.

Early voting has officially begun in the state of Texas, and if you are registered, you can cast your vote at any early voting location in your area. The early voting period will take place from Monday, October 24, 2022, through Friday, November 4, 2022, with election day falling on the following Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Your Vote Can Make a Difference

Voting for candidates that share similar views to your own in their platform is one of the biggest ways you can make a difference when seeking political change. By electing said officials into office, there is an even greater likelihood that legislation regarding topics you resonate with are introduced into the house and senate.

It may seem as though one single vote does not matter in the grand scheme of things, but since the beginning, we have advocated for the power in numbers. The more of us that cast our votes, the more likely we are to see positive changes in seats of power, legislation, and our community around us.

Research Issues Important to You

A key component to your vote is that it should be informed and educated. Start by familiarizing yourself with legislation that is currently in place and stay up-to-date on bills that are currently being introduced in both the house and the senate. Of course, learning about every single issue brought forth is overkill, so start with topics that interest you the most.

Make Sure You are Registered

In order to cast your vote, you must be registered. If you did not register before October 11, 2022, it is too late to vote in the current midterm election. What you can do, however, is make sure you are registered to vote for future elections such as the 2024 presidential election.

Become FearLess Today

Change is not a process that happens overnight, but doing your part by registering and voting is an excellent step in the right direction. We are more than happy to help put you in touch with resources to help you, and when you are ready to become FearLess, contact our team at FearLess Dallas in Dallas, TX by calling 214-300-5143 today.