We Are Ready To Help You Become FearLess!

It’s been a long time coming, and I am finally excited to share with you the launch of FearLess Dallas – a non-profit I started to provide full-circle mentorship for women+ in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

At FearLess we are building a community of resilient, self-reliant, and resourceful women and gender minorities through training, education, and one on one mentorship by qualified professionals. We meet women+ where they are, providing individual and group curriculums that give women and gender minorities the skills to implement their life’s blueprint.

Starting with a Vision

31 years ago, when I was 24 years old, I volunteered at a residential home for young women+. They were not much younger than me and after visiting with them I learned that many had aged out of foster homes or become residents because they needed help transitioning to the challenges of independent life. They were not only young, but many had not learned life skills such as cooking, shopping, finding and maintaining a job, and of course the scariest thing, managing money.

This really struck a chord with me because, as many of you may know, I also aged out of foster care at a young age and there was nothing like this available. I decided that night that I was going to start a nonprofit to help young women and gender minorities like this.

From Conceptualization to Action

Over the years, as I was busy with school, careers, children, a couple of divorces, I thought about what gave me the resilience. I did not have money or parental support but what I did have was community.

Fast forward to 2016. I decided to start working on this non-profit. As I got older, I saw the strength, power, and resilience of women+ helping each other. That is what led me to design FearLess as both an in-person and online network of women and gender minorities of all ages and experience, receiving and leading training to elevate the lives of others in the FearLess community.

And now, five years after I started the process of researching and organizing this passion project, I am ready to launch.

Thank you for your support over the years and belief in the importance of empowering women and gender minorities. See below for ways you can plug in to support our mission of providing 350 women+ with the tools, training, and mentorship to achieve their personal and professional goals in 2022.

How You Can Get Involved

There are a few different ways to support our mission, including signing up for our newsletter. You can stay up to date on our events and opportunities by signing up for our monthly newsletter. Additionally, you can join our Facebook Group. If you are a woman or gender minority, we would love for you to be a part of our virtual community! Share resources, make friends and get advice.

You can also check out our upcoming events, including our launch event, upcoming mixer, and more. Finally, donating to the cause helps us not only fund our workshops and events but allows us to help even more women and gender minorities become FearLess.

Ready to Become FearLess?

When you are ready to become a collaborator in the effort, contact FearLess Dallas in Dallas, TX by calling 214-300–5143 and learn more about opportunities to become involved.