What We’ve Been Up To: First Quarter Recap

These first few months of 2022 have felt like they’ve flown by, and if it is how the saying goes, that must mean we have all been having fun! Indeed, it may be only the end of March, but we hit the ground running with a host of amazing events, workshops, and fun-raisers to kickstart this year. We have also been able to expand our community of FearLess women+ and have great things in store for future classes and events. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX community takes a look back at what we’ve accomplished this quarter and provides some insight into what the next quarter will look like.

Our Official Launch!

The exciting part about being a fledgling organization is looking back on what we have accomplished in such a short time! As a matter of fact, FearLess Dallas had our official launch this January 12th, 2022, and we really have been up to quite a lot. We began the year with a meet and greet held at Opening Bell Coffee, one of our first supporters and community members. In January, we also got to hold our first board of director’s meeting as well as our first advisory council meeting. Following these important firsts, February saw even more community building and workshops.

Galentine’s High Tea and Inherent Tendencies

To kick off February, we hosted our first Galentine’s Tea Party and learned about our inherent tendencies. This workshop allowed women+ to explore their own inherent tendencies while learning proper tea party etiquette. Over 20 women+ attended and had the opportunity to try different teas, share their experiences, and expand their communities through building connections.

FearLess Stories

One of our core values at FearLess Dallas is the importance of our community. A community offers solidarity in times of vulnerability, the ability to relate over shared experiences, and appreciation of expression and growth. While not all communities embody all of these principles, it is our mission to ensure nothing short of this experience for all of our community members and supporters.

As a recurring event every third Thursday of each month, FearLess Stories provides women and gender minorities an opportunity to share their story in open mic format. For both February and March events, women+ shared their stories, experiences, and feelings through narrative expression, poem readings, and more.

Spelling Bee

March kicked of our first FUN-raising event (see what we did there?) with our first annual FearLess Dallas Spelling Bee! 30 individuals had the opportunity to compete for recognition and bragging rights as the first winner of our Spelling Bee, and even more came out to support the participants! We also added a bit of a twist, as supporters who made a donation received an opportunity to interfere in the competition. Needless to say, it was a smashing success, and something we definitely want to make an annual event.

Financial Planning Workshop

Wrapping up this first quarter, we hosted a financial planning workshop in which financial advisor Jennifer Harvey discussed taking the fear out of finances. During this workshop, the facilitator discussed how to break down everything into manageable and actionable steps. She also provided invaluable resources that many may not be aware of, and provided detailed answers to questions.

What’s in Store for Quarter Two?

I’m sure you are now wondering, after hearing about all of these amazing events, what could possibly be in store for quarter two? Fortunately, we have so much more for you to experience! From yoga to a home buying workshop, mental health spring cleaning and wine glass painting, we have something for everyone and encourage you to check it all out.

Reach Out Today

To learn more about the upcoming events, workshops, classes, and more happening in our FearLess, Dallas community, contact FearLess Dallas in Dallas, TX by calling 214-300-5143 and become FearLess today.