Women+ and Mental Health: Your Health Is Everything

Part of becoming FearLess involves taking ownership in one’s life and striving to achieve greater growth, but it is also important to recognize the role we play in each other’s FearLess journey.  Indeed, helping others access resources and acquire knowledge and skills that they might not otherwise be able to is the driving force behind the mission, and that is why our community is so unique. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX community takes a look at the way your mental health influences various aspects of your life, and how women+ can benefit from additional support and resources.

It Shouldn’t Be a Burden You Bear Alone

It goes without saying that mental health has been a stigmatized topic for years, and only recently has it received even a fraction of the attention that it deserves. According to the American Psychiatric Association, more than half of individuals with mental illnesses do not receive help for their disorders, and much of this can be attributed to the stigma, prejudice, and discrimination surrounding mental illness. Indeed, studies have indicated that this is due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about the topic, and while this has been the narrative for some time, it is time for a significant change.

You see, individuals that lack a sufficient support network may fear for their own safety, reputation, and more when pursuing assistance regarding a particular mental health issue, leaving them to bear this massive burden alone. What’s more? Marginalized groups such as women and gender minorities that are already having to bear the burden of misogyny and outdated ideals that society imposes on them are placed at an even greater disadvantage than before. Though there is much work to be done on this front, the least we can do is band together to uplift one another and be there for those without support.

Another issue that many may face is the fear of being officially diagnosed. Due to the current narrative and misunderstanding of mental health and illness, individuals enduring these effects may not seek services to begin with, and this is a massive failure on the part of the U.S.

A Growing Demand for Appropriate Services

Not only is mental health and illness stigmatized in American society, but obtaining appropriate services is extremely difficult. For starters, 10-20 percent of the general population will consult a primary care clinician for mental illness, and 10-40 percent will have a diagnosable mental disorder.

On the surface, it appears that getting help is really just that simple. In all actuality, however, even when a mental illness is suspected, diagnoses are sometimes not recorded due to pressure from insurers, patients, and other actors not to do so. As such, it is important a person seek psychiatric services for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

Ways Our Community Can Help

As women and gender minorities, we should not have to be met with stigma, marginalization, and discrimination when struggling with our mental health. We should not have to be punished for enduring the consequences of a phenomenon that is complex in nature – including biological, psychological, and social elements and components. This is why we strive to become FearLess, because only together can we make the change we want to see.

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