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FearLess Dallas | Dallas, TX


Our Mission

FearLess Dallas is an 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides women and gender minorities ages 18+ valuable life skills to help them acquire a sustainable career, establish a healthy living environment, and teach self-care practices through the creation of a member network that fosters life-long learning through full circle mentorship.

Whether it’s support navigating a new career, a new living situation, or building healthy best practices to feel more at peace in your own life, FearLess Dallas is here for you.

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“FearLess’ program helped me take my dreams and make them a reality.”


FearLess Dallas is about community. Whether it’s coming together for a group class to learn alongside other women+, attending a storytelling event to share or support, or joining our one-on-one Builder program, relationships are at the heart of what we do.

That is why our programming offers diverse opportunities to connect. Take a workshop online or join us in person! Jumpstart building a future of your dreams through one-on-one work, or have a member of our team present a course to your organization! There are many ways to grow with FearLess.

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One-on-one Services

Life isn’t meant to be done alone. Work with one of our program architects to assess your unique strengths and map out high-impact actions to achieve your goals.

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Community Events

Looking to meet more women+ and learn something new? We offer monthly in-person and virtual events to connect and learn alongside experts in their field on a variety of topics.

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Group Classes

From Life Skills 101 to Non-profit Grant Writing, we offer a variety of courses ready to apply to your organization.


In-person or online, our events are designed to bring women+ together, build community, and learn new skills. With new offerings every month, there are always new opportunities to connect! Find something that piques your interest, and meet other women+ with similar interests. All of our events are free and open for women and gender minorities, unless otherwise noted, as part of our belief that finances should never be a barrier to bettering yourself.

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FearLess Stories: Open Mic for Women+

July 18, 2024 ● 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Civil Pour
8061 Walnut Hill Lane # 924
Dallas, TX 75231

FearLess Stories: Open Mic for Women+

August 15, 2024 ● 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Civil Pour
8061 Walnut Hill Lane # 924
Dallas, TX 75231

"I find myself using the tools I learned at FearLess in all aspects of my life."

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Meet Our Founder

From Our Founder: Jill Nastasia

FearLess Dallas was founded by Jill Nastasia (MSW, MEd), fulfilling a lifelong goal of giving back. As a teen, Jill aged out of foster care. While she had street smarts and survival skills, she found herself and other women like her lacking Life 101. It was other women in her community who helped her not only survive but learn how to navigate adulthood. Jill knew she wanted to someday create an organization that would help young women transition into fulfilling, sustainable lives.

Fast forward to 2020. When COVID-19 hit, Jill noticed it was not just women fresh out of the foster system who needed this service. Women+ of all ages were hitting walls, wondering what their next chapter would be.
It was this ah-ha moment that grew into FearLess’s Full-Circle Mentorship approach. At FearLess, we believe all women+ have something to offer and something to learn. Regardless of their stage or status, we provide a community where they can mentor and be mentored, learn and lead, connect and be connected.

Whether your next step is one-on-one support, or attending a community event, we are here to help you Become FearLess as you approach your next chapter.

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