Become a Builder Through One-on-One Counseling

It is difficult to know where to start, especially without the resources or insight to do so. FearLess Dallas serves as a means of bridging that gap by providing the support structure and tools necessary to identify areas of growth while simultaneously establishing the skills needed to evolve with the process. These counseling sessions are free, led by qualified professionals, and designed to create actionable blueprints toward achieving life goals. It is never too late to become FearLess, and our mission applies to all women and gender minorities 18 and up.

Becoming FearLess Multi-Week Group Class

Our Becoming FearLess course covers everything from emotional well-being to finding sustainable housing options. The course is available for organizations and groups who serve predominantly women and gender minorities.

Full Circle Mentorship

At FearLess, we believe all women+ have something to offer and something to learn. Regardless of their stage or status, we provide a community where they can mentor and be mentored, learn and lead, connect and be connected. We provide both formal and informal opportunities for women+ to mentor and lead.