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About Us | FearLess Dallas

About Us

Who We Are

At FearLess Dallas, our top priority is to provide the tools and resources necessary to prepare women+ for success, whether through our one-on-one improvement workshops or in our group events.

We have comprised our Board of Directors with individuals from diverse backgrounds with the intent of covering a wide variety of topics and skills to aid in life-long growth.

What We Do

Everyone deserves a chance at not only acquiring life’s basic needs, but establishing a healthy living environment for life-long stability, which makes our method of full-circle mentorship the right step to make that goal more viable.

Our community of Builders and Collaborators lays a strong foundation for sustainable relationships and a healthy, happier life. We offer workshops and events to assist Builders in expanding their skillsets, in addition to providing a support network of individuals that serves as an expansive knowledge source.

Who We Serve

Our community of women and gender minorities is dedicated to providing the best possible opportunities for self-improvement and constructive building, and does so by maintaining an open mind while sharing the wealth of knowledge and personal experiences from becoming FearLess.

Women and gender minorities ages 18+ are encouraged to take the next step to become FearLess by contacting us online or calling us at (214) 957-2852.

Our Team

Jill Nastasia

Founder & Executive Director

Ariana Hadden, LMSW

Director of Client Services & Development

Jami Zehr

Client Architect

Maggie Reith Austin

Director of Programs & Communication

Our Board

Bonnie Amendola

Sara Gold

Erin Harper

Judy Hoberman

Heather McKinney

Becky Rentzel